Dumapan SMP Calacatta Marble
Dumapan SMP Calacatta Marble
Dumapan SMP Calacatta Marble
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Dumapan SMP Calacatta Marble 4lx2.6m 3.9 Sq.M

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Dumapan is a Stylish, Durable, Waterproof alternative to tiles. 

SMP stands for “Synchronised Multicolour Printing”, a new technology allowing a high-tech printing machine to print photographic true images with a high resolution of 360 dpi. This ensures that your wall is given a realistic look and feel that is true to nature

In addition to a fantastic look and feel, you can count on a durable, water resistant, sustainable, care friendly and easy-to-install wall cladding.

  • EASIER - Glue right over existing tiles - no need to remove old tiles
  • CLEANER - the panels slide together. No grout - No mess
  • FASTER - Save time on installation and materials 

Size: H: 260cm  W:37.5cm  (each pack contains 4 lengths)