Hoover 9kg Black Washer | H3WS495TACBE
Hoover 9kg Black Washer | H3WS495TACBE
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Hoover 9kg Black Washer | H3WS495TACBE


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This Hoover H3WS 495TACBE washing machine from the H-WASH 300 range has a 9kg wash capacity, as well as a 1400 spin speed, great for large or busy households.

There are 14 programmes to choose from, including multiple quick wash cycles under 60 minutes, All in One for all colours and fabrics and Steam to help make ironing easier.

The clever KG mode technology 'weighs' the load during the first four minutes and adjusts the length of the programme and the water consumption accordingly helping save you time and money.

This machine also comes with the option to delay the cycle start time for up to 24 hours so you can fit the laundry around your busy life.

Variable spin and temperature settings allow you to adjust the spin speed and temperature on all cycles to suit the load.

NFC technology allows you to connect to the machine via an app on android smartphones, so you can choose and monitor cycles and run diagnostic checks.