5FT Cosmos Fibre Optic | Christmas Tree
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5FT Cosmos Fibre Optic | Christmas Tree

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A fibre optic Christmas tree is an ideal way to add some festive cheer without having to worry about cleaning up fallen pine needles.

A fibre optic tree uses LED technology rather than traditional halogen. Most of the trees will have strands of plastic tubes surrounded by a reflective coating, which results in a striking display of lights. It works by simply plugging it into a socket, where you will see the ends of the branches light up or flicker between colours.

Fibre optic trees have their lights directly built into the tree, whereas pre-lit Christmas trees have LED lights hand-strung in between the branches. Fibre optic Christmas trees are much more energy efficient and economical, and these types of trees are safe to use around the whole family as they do not reach accelerated temperatures or use UV rays. The trees only give out light — not heat — which makes them one of the safest around.