Beko 100cm Electric Range Cooker With 5 Zone Ceramic Hob Black | KDVC100K
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Beko 100cm Electric Range Cooker With 5 Zone Ceramic Hob Black | KDVC100K

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100cm electric range cooker with two 63 litre capacity ovens. Fan cooking ensures even temperature supply and its easy clean doors and enamel lining makes cleaning much easier.

Two Fan Ovens - Perfect for big, busy families, our range cooker's two fan ovens give you plenty of extra space for cooking larger meals. The heating element surrounding the fan offers uniform heat throughout each oven for quick and even cooking results.

Separate Grill - Perfect if you want to prepare more food in one go, a separate grill gives you the flexibility to brown your vegetables under the grill while your chicken roasts in the oven.

Five-zone Ceramic Hob - If you'd like your pan to heat up faster, our ceramic hobs are made up of five Rapidlite zones that can quickly and efficiently reach their highest temperature. The hob's flexible dual zone can be extended when cooking with bigger pots and pans. And, its warming zone can keep your roasted veg at the perfect temperature while you wait for your gravy to cook.

CleanZone™ - Helping you spend less time cleaning, CleanZone™ technology uses a nano coating on the inner glass door that makes it difficult for grease and dirt to cling on. This means that the inner glass door of your oven will stay cleaner for longer, even after multiple uses.

Easy Clean Doors - Quick and easy to wipe down, the oven's doors are fitted with a glass panel, making them easier to clean. And, the glass in the top cavity can be completely removed for even simpler cleaning.

Enamel Oven Lining - Save time and effort spent cleaning your oven with a smooth enamel oven lining.

Interior Oven Lights - You can easily keep an eye on your food as it cooks thanks to the interior oven lights.

Removable Shelf Supports - Checking up on your food is easy with metal shelf supports which allow you to easily slide shelves in and out of the oven. And, these can be removed to save you the hassle of cleaning them inside the oven.

A Energy Rating - You can save money on your energy bills with this cooker's high A energy rating.

Key features

  • Two separate ovens provide 126 L of cooking capacity
  • Fan cooking in both ovens not only ensures even heat distribution, but allows for faster cooking at lower temperatures too
  • Dedicated grill cavity ensures you can grill the steaks or sausages while the rest of the meal cooks in the main ovens
  • 5 Zone ceramic hob and separate warming zone offers plenty of space for your pots and pans
  • Nano cleaning technology helps to keep the oven doors as clean as new
  • Hardened enamel oven lining helps to make cleaning easier
  • Oven lights in main ovens
  • 5 Wire shelves and grill pan set included