Beko Freestanding Tall Freezer | FFP1671W
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Beko Freestanding Tall Freezer | FFP1671W


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This tall freezer comes with our Freezer Guard technology, so you can install it in temperatures as low as -15°C. Perfect for garages and outdoor buildings. And it's Frost Free too, helping you save time and effort as you won't need to manually defrost it.

Big Box Storage

Great for when you have taller items to freeze, the big box storage offers extra space.

Fast Freeze Setting

Ideal for locking in your food's vitamins and nutrients, the fast freeze setting in the top compartments of our freezers freeze your food 10% faster than the other shelves.

High Temperature Warning Light

You won't need to worry about your freezer's internal temperature getting too high thanks to the high temperature warning light which flashes red to prompt you to adjust the temperature, keeping your food perfectly frozen.

Ice Bank Tray

The ice bank tray offers a handy solution for making and storing ice cubes.

Reversible Doors

If you're restricted on where you can place your appliance in your home, the reversible doors on this model offer a convenient solution.

Handy Fixed Door Handle

Offering a stylish element to your appliance, the fixed door handle helps you open the door with ease.


Energy Rating A+
Build Type Freestanding
Capacity (L) 250
Freezer Drawers 5
Frost Free Yes
Auto Defrost No
Noise Level (dB) 42
Interior Light Yes
Temperature Indicator Yes
Annual Energy Consumption (kW) 307
Width (mm) 650
Height (mm) 1714
Length (mm) 600
Weight (kg) 68.9
Colour Silver