George Foreman Smokeless Grill | 28000
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George Foreman Smokeless Grill | 28000


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The Smokeless Technology and Integrated Venting System lets you cook up a feast of flavour whilst giving you Smokeless Contact Grilling for up to 87% Less Smoke. Enjoy cooking with less mess, thanks to the Advanced Non-Stick Coating, Dishwasher Safe Plates and Drip Tray.

Smokeless Contact Grilling for up to 87% Less Smoke

The Smokeless Grill has been designed to bring you Smokeless Contact Grilling for up to 87% Less Smoke. With Smokeless Technology, the hot cooking juices are quickly directed through holes in the grill plate and immediately cooled, preventing them from burning onto the grill, which helps to eliminate smoke. The Integrated Venting System helps to keep the unit cool so that it doesn’t overheat and prevents any fat on the drip tray/ grill plate burning - this helps eliminate greasy smells.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning your Smokeless Grill has never been easier. With an Advanced Non-Stick Coating, you can simply wipe the plates with a damp sponge or cloth, for effortless cleaning. The Removable Plates and Drip Tray are also Dishwasher Safe and 3X More Durable so you can easily pop them in the dishwasher without the coating wearing away.

3X Faster Than an Oven

Enjoy flavoursome food even faster, with the Smokeless Grill to hand. Designed so it’s 3X Faster and 70% More Energy Efficient Than an Oven - making your favourite dishes, has never been quicker or easier.

Floating Hinge

With a Floating Hinge that accommodates food up to a 1.5 inch (3.8 cm) Cooking Height, you can cook a range of different meats, fish, vegetables and more.

Removable, Dishwasher Safe Drip Tray

Drawer with Side Access that's easy to clean for minimal fuss.