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Jet 4224 Heavy Duty Wood Lathe

Jet 4224 Heavy Duty Wood Lathe

Jet 4224 Heavy Duty Wood Lathe

Key Features

  • 305mm centre height
  • Capacity to produce really big bowls and platters
  • Distance between centres 1,065mm
  • Outboard turning attachment
  • Input 2.2kW induction motor drives three pulley ratios
  • Electronic variable speed
  • Optional extended bed and free standing tool rest
Specification for Jet 4224 Heavy Duty Woodturning Lathe:
Distance Between Centres 1,065mm
Max Diameter over Bed 610mm
Model 4224
Nett Weight 440kg
Overall L x W x H 1,850 x 610 x 1,240mm
Power Input 2.2kW
Speed Low 0-910rpm Med 0-2,000rpm High 0-3,500rpm
Spindle Taper 2MT
Spindle Thread M33 X 3.5mm (Ref T38)
Taper Tailstock 2MT

This is the largest of our lathes and has, with its centre height of 305mm, the capacity to produce really big bowls and platters. The centre distance is 1,065mm, increasing to 2,715mm with the optional extended bed fitted, will allow some very substantial table legs, bed posts and banister rails to be produced. The outboard turning attachment, which bolts onto the left-hand end of the machine, allows for bowl turning up to 1,270mm diameter with the standard tool rest, and even bigger work can be tackled using the optional free standing tool rest. Power is delivered by a 2.2kW induction motor driving through a choice of three pulley ratios. The speed is electronically variable within each ratio, giving an overall range of Low 0-910rpm Med 0-2,000rpm High 0-3,500rpm. All the controls, on/off switch, speed control, forward/reverse selector and tachometer, are conveniently positioned on the front panel for easy access

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