LG xBoom Go Speaker | PL5
LG xBoom Go Speaker | PL5
LG xBoom Go Speaker | PL5
LG xBoom Go Speaker | PL5
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LG xBoom Go Speaker | PL5

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  • 【SOUND BY MERIDIAN TECHNOLOGY】Experience the Sound of Excellence. Hear premium audio with deep, rich, powerful bass and crisp, clear vocals.
  • 【DUAL ACTION BASS】Feel Bigger Beats. Dual passive radiators use air pressure to create more bass in a limited space.
  • 【BEAT LIGHTING】Sound You Can See. Flashing LED lights sync to the beat of your music. Choose the colors that suit your mood.
  • 【STYLISH DESIGN】Simple. Stylish. Portable. A sleek, rounded design with a rubberized finish that's easy to hold and comfortable to carry.
  • 【18-HOUR BATTERY】Play all night long. Up to 18 hours playback keeps the party going. Actual battery time may vary depending on network connectivity and application use.
  • 【IPX5 WATER-RESISTANT】Keep jamming without the worry of water hitting your speaker. With the water-resistant LG XBOOM Go PL5, the music never has to stop. Tested under controlled laboratory conditions with an IPX5 rating. Resistant to low-pressure water jet spray from 2.5-3m away for 3 minutes. Dry before using. Do not charge while wet.
  • 【WIRELESS PARTY LINK】Multiply the Music. Link up to 100 LG XBOOM Go speakers wirelessly for an even bigger sound.
  • 【VOICE COMMAND】Enjoy Music with Your Voice. Press the play button, then speak to activate Google Assistant on your iOS or Android device to control your speaker.