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Record Power Nova DVR-XP lathe

Record Power Nova DVR-XP lathe

Record Power Nova DVR-XP lathe
Model DVR-XP
Voltage 230 volt
Horse Power 2hp

The Nova DVR is the world's only intelligent lathe, combining the best features of standard lathes - power, capacity and capability - with state of the art technology to make your turning more safe, efficient and fun.

Key Features
The Nova DVR XP has the power and versatility to cope with all your turning requirements, from small pens to large 29"/740mm diameter bowls. With its 1.75/2hp Electro Magnetic Boost TM high torque motor, exceptional structural strength and smart design, it is not only easy to convert to larger bowls and outrigger work and extend spindle capacity with add on beds, but the lathe has power and capacity to handle these operations with ease.

The Nova DVR XP is the only SMART lathe on the market. The intelligent Adaptive Control (TM) software assists you greatly in your turning. It is able to measure the weight of the workpiece and adjust the performance accordingly, sense faults in set up and advise and can sense safety issues such as chisel dig ins and spindle lock and instantly shut down power to the spindle if necessary.

The DVR 3000 was already renowned for its incredibly smooth action. The DVR XP builds on this tradition of excellence with its new motor, new controlling microchip and new structural design to deliver the ability to turn faster and more efficiently and cut down on sanding time. The 5 FAVOURITE SPEEDS function also enables you to preselect your most used speeds to allow for faster operation.

The NOVA DVR XP has incredible power in a compact working space, great for those who need all the workshop space they can get. The swivel head and articulated outrigger accessory means that even turning large 29"/740mm bowls, you are turning in the same compact working envelope.

Customise your woodturning experience. NOVA was the first to introduce sophisticated swivel head and extendable bed functions on their lathes over 12 years ago. The ability to customise your lathe to suit your turning style and needs is proudly carried on in the DVR XP lathe. Customise your turning station by adding bed lengths, swivelling the head, using the 5 FAVOURITE SPEEDS function to make your DVR XP just right for you and your turning projects.

Energy efficient. The NOVA DVR XP intelligent control only draws enough power as required for the specific project being turned.

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