Zanussi 10kg Washing Machine | ZWF144A2PW
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Zanussi 10kg Washing Machine | ZWF144A2PW


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Discover the Zanussi 10kg Washing Machine ZWF144A2PW, a true laundry champion, now available at Ronayne. This Zanussi washing machine is designed to make your laundry routine as effortless as possible, handling large loads with ease. Featuring a spacious 10kg drum, this washing machine is ideal for families or those with larger laundry needs. Its advanced technology ensures efficient cleaning while being gentle on fabrics. The machine's Quick Wash option is perfect for those on-the-go moments, offering a thorough clean in significantly less time.

The Zanussi 10kg model also comes with a range of programs to suit different fabric types and soiling levels, ensuring your clothes get the care they need. Its energy-efficient design not only saves on electricity bills but also reduces environmental impact. Maintenance is a breeze with its self-cleaning cycle, keeping the machine in optimal condition. The intuitive controls and display make operation simple and user-friendly. For those interested in purchasing, the Zanussi 10kg Washing Machine is available for click & collect at Ronayne. For delivery options or further assistance, please contact our shop at 0504-21033 EXT 2110.

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Time, Water and Energy Saved, With Autoadjust

There’s no wasted energy or water when washing smaller loads, to the AutoAdjust function. Clever sensors inside the drum will change the duration and amount of water used if you just need to wash a few small items. Better for your wallet, and better for the environment.

Quick Programmes, More Time For You

The Quick Programmes are built into the machine so you can get more done on busy days. The Easy 60-minute cycle is a great all-rounder, while the Rapid 30-minute programme is on hand for smaller loads. And for an extra quick treatment, the 14-minute Refresh cycle can be selected, too.

Give Your Clothes an Effective Wash with Cleanboost

The CleanBoost 60ºC washing programme provides steam at the end of the cycle, to give your clothes a hygienic and efficient clean. This helps reduce bacteria and allergens from your clothes, and supports better laundry hygiene.

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