Essential Landscaping Tasks, Tips & Tools for a Summer-Ready Garden

by Webdev Admin on May 17, 2022

Here are some garden landscaping tips just in time to make it great again for all those summer parties.

You may have done loads of planting and are sowing vigorously to get that vegetable patch up and going already. Nevertheless, there are some big tidy up jobs that may need to be considered and gardening tools you may be needing to help you get them done efficiently.

Here are some tasks, tips, and tools you may be needing for those bigger jobs.

Do a Garden Landscaping Audit

Kick-off with a quick walk about and inspection of your property with a notepad and pencil. Look out for potential jobs.

There is going to be an accumulation of evergreen growth and new spring growth as we emerge from the winter months. This involves a range of brush clearing jobs that include:

  • Trees and branches dislodged by storm damage
  • Overwhelming creeper growth that may affect windows and guttering
  • Accumulation of weeds on the guttering, and drainage areas
  • Hedges in need of trimming
  • Bushes and branches that are posing a hindrance over internal walkways or external public footpaths
  • Overgrown evergreen plants that need to be cut back to allow sufficient light to reach areas where perennials and bulbs will be emerging
  • Lookout for wall structures that may need to be reinforced
  • Check for blockages in water features and fountains.

These may pose higher level garden landscaping tasks that require power tools in some cases. 


Mowing Lawn Grass

This is our standard go-to task all year round in the growing season but is especially necessary as spring growth emerges and we spend more time outdoors. There is a range of Lawnmowers that can be motored to cope with every size lawn.

Choose from push lawn mowers or the more powerful self-propelled lawn mowers necessary for larger garden areas.

A decent lawnmower should allow you to modulate cutting height and width to adapt to the level of growth at hand.

Look out for sustainable options that don’t generate fumes and heavy emissions. An added benefit is the ability of some lawnmowers to mulch whilst also collecting litter.

There are a variety of options from the GardenWorx range in the push versus self-propelled options such as:

  • The GardenWorx 3.0 40cm Push Petrol Lawnmower - this device gives you some ergonomic benefits such as a  cushioned grip handle and 6 Height adjustments for each wheel. It offers a cutting width 16in/40cm with a 3hp/120cc engine and a 2in1 collect and rear eject with 40l collection bag
  • The GardenWorx 4.0 Self Propelled 46cm Petrol Lawnmower 140cc B&S boasts the following features. It gives you a 2 in 1 Self-propelled mower with the same cushioned grip handle and 8 Height adjustments for each wheel. You will get a cutting width of 18in/46cm. It boasts a Briggs and Stratton 50E OHV engine with a ready start  4hp/140cc engine. Given the amount of ground you may need to cover in a larger garden, the 60 Litre rear collection bag will come in handy. You can also mulch with the same device saving you much time.


Pruning involves removing branches, deadwood and damaged plants that have been broken by extreme winter weather or overgrown.

Pruning also encourages and sculpts new growth.

  • Cut back on old growth in flowering shrubs to encourage new flower buds on the fresh growth of new stems that appear after you prune.
  • Use your shears to cut back evergreens that have sprouted new year’s growth to keep them in check.

Light Grass Trimming 

Light tidying up long grass and weeds around the garden requires a more lightweight domestic grass trimmer . This will include working around nooks and crannies as you tidy up in areas that cannot be accessed with a conventional lawnmower.

Light trimming is necessary around the lawn borders or around garden furniture, installations, pots or ornaments.

If you have a complicated lawn or larger gardens, cordless trimmers & brushcutters will help you go further out into your property.

Heavy Brush Cutting

Clearing dense scrub and undergrowth on undeveloped land will require a more heavy-duty industrial brushcutter that has a stronger motor.

Hedge Trimming & Topiary Trimming

If you have a hedge running around your perimeter or front garden, you will need shears and trimming tools to give you access to higher hedges. The same tools can be applied to ornamental topiary that will be needing a trim and tidy up around about now.

A good pair of garden shears will always be a precise tool for trimming small bushes or hedges or finessing your work.

Larger-scale hedges with more mature growth may require a more powerful tool to cut through such as the

  • The GardenWorx Petrol Hedge Cutter. This very portable device is powered by an air-cooled 2 stroke full crank 25cc engine. It cuts through with a 24in/60cm dual-action cutting blade. You will get lots of flexibility and dexterity due to its adjustable handle rotating to a 90-degree angle for left and right. There is a substantial cutting capacity of 28mm

Power Cleaning Garden Structures

When it comes to walls, structures, pots, and fixed garden furniture or stone ornaments, you will be needing a power washer to get at the buildup of moss or possibly bird poop that would have accumulated over winter and spring.

Powerwashers have different settings and fine nozzles to help you attack finer details with precision and save on using harmful chemicals. Nevertheless, be careful with the power settings to ensure you don’t damage more fragile structures or dislodge bots of your limestone-based ornaments.

If you have an abundance of Garden architecture to tend to consider the GardenWorx 7hp Petrol Pressure Washer & Pump 180 Bar with a detergent tank.

This device comes with a heavy-duty vertical trolley Fitted with pneumatic tyres & a well-powered Lifan 7hp/212cc Petrol Engine that can help you roam far out for long periods of time in a bigger property. It also includes:

  • A metal lance with 5 assorted nozzles and a 7.5m rubber pressure hose
  • A 3m, Suction Hose, with filter
  • Rated Pressure: 180 Bar, Max Pressure: 22 Ma / 3200PSI. Flow Rate 9L/min
  • An attached water pump is suitable for use directly from a water barrel.

Get More Done with Multipurpose Garden Tools

If you are facing a brand new garden, have little storage space and are looking for a quick investment to get you started, consider using a multipurpose tool such as the GardenWorx 5 Piece MultiTool

This 5 in 1 tool will give you a decent working height of 2.4m when attacking hedges and branches when using its extension pole

The following attachment options include:

  • Brush cutter with blade,
  • Nylon head for brushcutter,
  • 40cm (16in) Dual action hedge cutter,
  • 26cm (10in) Pruning chainsaw,
  • 76cm (30in) extension pole

Ways to Stay Safe whilst Landscaping

Don’t forget to protect yourself given the high powered tools you may be using - you’ll need to take some cues from those in the construction sector and kit yourself out with some basic safety gear.

Make sure you have

  • Clear safety goggles,
  • Earplugs,
  • Blade resistant work gloves.
  • If you are sawing through heavier tree branches then a hard hat will be necessary
  • A separate fuel mixing bottle might be also necessary when topping up fuel in the portable engines of these devices.

Ready to give your outdoor space a tidy?