Gorgeous Gardens with Ronseal

by Emarkable Team on July 09, 2023



Ronseal is responding to the growing demand for garden products by expanding their paint and decking ranges with products that combine colour and style with high performance.

The garden has been a DIY hotspot for some time. During the pandemic, homeowners turned their attention to outdoor spaces as they spent more time at home. Now, in 2023, tough economic conditions have put many potential home moves on hold, with people choosing to stay put and renovate their existing property instead. Again, the garden looks set to be a focal point for home improvements in the coming year.

DIY giant Ronseal has evolved and expanded its leading garden paint range to keep up with the demand for garden products. Available in-store, the range's versatility is one of its key selling points, as garden paint can be used on a variety of surfaces, including wood, brick, terracotta and metal. These surfaces encompass most garden objects and structures, from plant pots to garden furniture to exterior walls.

With so many potential applications, the impact of garden paint can be transformative, giving homeowners licence to get creative in the garden. In response to demand, Ronseal has grown the range to a huge 29 colours, recently adding Mountain Mist, Rainforest Green and Pewter Grey. With so many colour options available, householders can turn their gardens into showpiece spaces, ideal for relaxing, entertaining or having fun with the family.


The garden is the ultimate multi-functional space, adaptable to the wants and needs of each household. Combined with quality outdoor lighting and comfortable outdoor furniture, some gardens can become an extension of the living room, home to an outdoor office, or vibrant play areas for children. With a quick lick of garden paint, interior design becomes exterior design, with householders making the most of their space, indoors and outdoors.

Like all Ronseal products, garden paint offers the long-lasting, high performance that customers expect as standard. Rainproof within one hour, and with colour lasting up to ten years, garden paint provides fantastic protection against weathering and the elements.

Additional products such as Garden Furniture Stripper are also available for people who need to clean and prepare surfaces before applying paint. Ronseal provides a host of ‘How To’ content on Ronseal.com to help DIY-ers get the most from their products and ensure they are applied correctly.


The right decking can look magnificent in a garden renovation, helping to create distinct areas for outdoor dining, working or relaxing. Decking DIY is not always straightforward however, as there are often several steps to follow to achieve the best results. It’s why Ronseal’s latest innovation in decking, the Ultimate Decking range, makes the whole process clear and straightforward so DIY-ers can ‘do decking right’.

The Ultimate Decking range is Ronseal’s most extensive decking collection yet, helping people find the right product for their decking, no matter what the condition. It includes a huge range of stunning colour options, as well as improved formulas that offer new benefits such as anti-slip technology for smoother and safer decking.

Included in the collection is Ultimate Protection Decking Paint, which offers better performance and coverage than ever before. Just two coats give a tired deck a new lease of life – splinters will be locked, cracks will be filled and it makes old decking look as good as new.

The product isn’t just effective on old, worn- out decking, either. It provides all-weather protection to new decks too, with ten fantastic colours to choose from, including Sage, Willow and Blackcurrant. Just like Garden Paint, it allows people to get creative with their exterior design, transforming the look and feel of their decking.

Across the full range of products, the Ultimate Decking collection has everything the customer might need to strip, clean, nourish, and protect.

The range includes Ronseal One Coat Decking Stripper, Fast Acting Decking Restorer, Waterproof Decking End Grain Protector, Ultimate Protection Decking Stain and Ultimate Protection Decking Oil. Again, Ronseal has a wealth of How to Guides on its website, including hints, tips and step-by-step videos.

Famous for making the job easier, Ronseal Garden Paint and the Ultimate Decking range enable home improvers to navigate garden DIY needs with ease, helping to make outdoor spaces look refreshed and spectacular in time for spring and summer.


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