January Checklist For Your Irish Front Garden, Backyard or Balcony

by Emarkable Team on January 09, 2023
Front Garden Ideas Ireland: Your January Checklist with Ronayne

January is a good time for resolutions and taking stock in the garden as elsewhere.

  • With the sales in full swing, use January to take stock of what you have and invest in the hardware and outdoor tools you will need. A perfect time to invest and make savings. Check out our lawn & garden range here.
  • Start repairs or smaller rebuilding projects, like beds and sheds, before the busy growing season starts so that you’ll be thoroughly equipped for spring.

Keep it Tidy!

  • On a smaller scale, repair, recycle and recondition any tools you have. Clean, Sharpen tools and remove rusty buildups on your metal implements
  • Keep an eye on your creepers and climbing roses that may still be growing, especially the odd winter rose - keep deadheading and pruning where needed.
  • Keep an eye on any other perennials that may need to be cut down and cleared out, removing any debris for composting. If leaves have blackspots or are diseased, empty them into another bin.

Plan what you need to source more seeds and cuttings or purchase plants.

  • Start mapping out your garden and planning your beds and layouts. Then, plant your vegetable crop rotations.
  • Check your dormant bulbs and tubers for rot and keep them dry if planting season is still a few weeks away.
  • You should inventory seeds and order more at this stage in line with your growth plan.Will you need to source more compost, or are you tending to the compost well over the winter?
  • Start preparing the soil, aerating and digging out any vacant plots that need to be ready for sowing.

Start germinating

Start focusing on germinating more seedlings should you have access to a suitable glasshouse, shed or indoor space for nurturing and storing seedlings.

Start planting hardy flowering plants for early spring.The outdoor plants can be planted now as the days get longer: 

Front Garden Ideas Ireland: Your January Checklist with Ronayne


  • Sweetpea
  • Lobelia
  • Alliums
  • Antirrhinums (snapdragons)
  • Lily Bulbs
  • Daffodils

Start planting the following indoors and bring these out later in spring when the weather gets milder:

  • Dianthus (Carnations)
  • Begonia
  • Geraniums

Think of the wildlife! Don’t forget, as the winter months get colder and snow emerges - be sure to mind the wildlife and leave fresh water and seeds out for the birds to keep them going into spring.

Check out our Gardening section for all your outdoor needs this January!


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