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Shower Mira Elite Qt Electric Shower 9Kw 230V


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The Mira Elite QT 9.8 KW electric shower ensures a reliable consistent flow even where water pressure is low or erratic. This shower is designed to be extra quiet and is 75% quieter than any other shower and does not compromise on power. The specially designed Mira Clean-Flo technology ensures that the filter is easy to clean and maintain. The temperature control and pressure control dials are ergonomically designed for functionality and ease of use. The Mira Elite sensi-flo technology helps regulate potential blockages and erratic temperatures. The showerhead has 4 spray options with a simple rub clean nozzle. The Mira Elite QT also has the amazing Mira Clearscale technology that helps to reduce limescale by up to 50%.

  • Delivers a consistent and powerful flow even if water pressure is low or erratic
  • This shower is 75% quieter than other showers on the market but does not compromise on power
  • This shower has Mira Clean-Flo technology so your filter is easy to clean and maintain
  • Ergonomically designed pressure and temperature control gauges
  • Designed to control potential blockages as well as reduce lime-scale build up by up to 50%