Paint Mixing 

With the help of Dulux we have a simple four-step process to help you create a paint that not only looks great, but also performs brilliantly. You can choose your colour, function or finish and then get it mixed by our colour-expert at Ronaynes, so it is just right for the room you're decorating.


Find out more about each of the four steps below.


STEP 1 :   c h o o s e   a   c o l o u r 

Using our stripe cards, you can select from warm, cool and neutral colours to help you choose the perfect shade.



STEP 2 :   c h o o s e   a   f u n c t i o n 

Pick the right function for your room whether it's moisture resistance for your bathroom to protect against mould, or light and space enhancing to brighten up your bedroom or hallway. You can also opt for hardwearing paint for your hallways, stain-resistant paint for your kitchen and weatherproof paint for your exterior surfaces.


 STEP 3 :   s e l e c t    a    f i n i s h

There are a widvariety of finishes available, which offer different sheen levels to give you the look you want. Please note that some functions are only available in selected finishes.


STEP 4 :    m i x    i t    u p

Once you've selected your colour, function and finish or if you need help with the whole process just come along to Ronayne's and ask for Dan at his paint mixing lab. Dan is your man!