Dimplex 3KW Fan Heater | DXFF30TSN
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Dimplex 3KW Fan Heater | DXFF30TSN


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The Dimplex fan heater is a high tech, portable device that offers instantaneous heat into a localised area. It has thermostatic control with frost protection which is a great way to keep warm. The heater also comes with a neon power-on indicator that indicates when it is on and enables safety for those around. It is suitable for well insulated spaces and even for occasional use. The heater operates on a mains supply voltage of 230VAC and outputs a maximum power of 3kW. It is available with a height of 114mm, a width of 253mm and depth of 245mm.

Features and Benefits

Choice of 2 heat settings half/ full
Cool air setting (fan only)
Works with any design scheme due to its white colour
Guarantee of 3 years
Suitable for floor standing