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GardenWorx 4.0 Self Propelled 46cm Petrol Lawnmower 140cc B&S


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Introducing the GardenWorx 4.0 Self Propelled 46cm Petrol Lawnmower 140cc B&S, now available on! Elevate your lawn care routine with this high-performance lawnmower that promises to make mowing a joyous and effortless experience.

Say goodbye to the days of laborious manual mowing with the GardenWorx 4.0. This self-propelled marvel will glide across your yard with ease, leaving you in complete control thanks to its cushioned grip handle. Enjoy precise manoeuvring without straining your hands or back.

At the heart of this extraordinary lawnmower is the powerful Briggs and Stratton 50E OHV engine, boasting an impressive 4hp/140cc capacity. This means no more wrestling with stubborn grass or worrying about uneven patches. The GardenWorx 4.0 ensures a clean and uniform cut every single time.

With its 2in1 collection and rear eject capabilities, maintaining your lawn has never been easier. Effortlessly switch between collection and rear eject modes, and the spacious 60l collection bag means you can mow for extended periods without frequent stops.

Tired of battling with varying grass heights? The GardenWorx 4.0 comes to the rescue with 8 height adjustments for all wheels. Take full control of your lawn's appearance, whether you prefer a neatly trimmed look or a slightly longer, natural feel.

But that's not all! Embrace the true joy of lawn maintenance and transform your garden into a beautiful oasis. With the GardenWorx 4.0 Self Propelled 46cm Petrol Lawnmower, you'll be able to spend less time wrestling with your old lawnmower and more time enjoying the fruits of your labour.

  • Self propelled mower with cushioned grip and 18" steel deck.
  • Briggs and stratton 50E OHV engine
  • 4hp/140cc engine
  • 2in1 collection and rear eject with 60l collection bag
  • 8 height adjustments for all wheels

  • Experience the power, efficiency, and comfort of the GardenWorx 4.0 on Revolutionise your lawn care routine and say hello to a greener, well-maintained garden. Upgrade your mowing experience today and witness the transformation!

    Make every mowing session a delight with GardenWorx 4.0. Your lawn will thank you!