Bosch ProHygienic Bagged Vacuum Cleaner | BGBS4HYGGB
Bosch ProHygienic Bagged Vacuum Cleaner | BGBS4HYGGB
Bosch ProHygienic Bagged Vacuum Cleaner | BGBS4HYGGB
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Bosch ProHygienic Bagged Vacuum Cleaner | BGBS4HYGGB


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Are you always left to finish off the chores by yourself? This Bosch vacuum will make the perfect cleaning buddy. It’s  great for both hard floors and carpets, each room in your house will be dust-free in no time. Plus, if you’re going for an extra deep clean, the upholstery tool will have each curtain and sofa cushion looking as good as new. There’s even a handy attachment for corners and crevices, so getting at that tricky spot under the stairs will be a breeze. And when you’re finished, just clip the tube onto the vacuum and store it away. Simple.

Supported by a 10 year motor guarantee
Because this model is kitted out with nifty Bosch motor tech, you can be certain it’ll last longer. But if you need some extra peace of mind, it comes with a 10-year motor guarantee. Now you don’t have to worry about buying another it if something goes wrong.

No more crumby carpets
Thanks to this model’s nifty power control, every floor in your house will be completely dust-free. That’s because it uses a high-tech motor to precisely regulate the power, giving even suction at all times. So, each carpet, rug and hard floor will come out spotless – no more surprise piles of crumbs left in the kitchen, sounds good right?

Keep your home smelling fresh
With this model, you can say goodbye to your pet’s hair and their lingering smells. That’s because it uses an AirFresh dust bag that traps any unwanted odours inside. Now you can enjoy a cuppa without any wafts of mucky pups.

Never vacuum twice
With this model’s PowerProtect system, you’ll smash through your chores in no time. That’s because the suction stays powerful, even when the bag is filling up. So, every fur ball and pile of crumbs will soon be a thing of the past.

No more sneezes or itchy skin
With this model’s UltraAllergy feature, your hay fever and allergies will be kept on the down low. That’s because it filters all that pesky pollen and dust from the air. Now you can say goodbye to those summer sneezing fits.

Product Specification:

  • Dust Capacity 4.0 Litres
  • Floor Type Carpet / Hard Floor
  • Noise Level 75 dB
  • Number Of Wheels 4
  • Parking System Yes
  • Dimensions (H)26.5 x (W)29.5 x (D)41.0
  • Model:BGBS4HYGGB
  • Barcode:4242005302215
  • Manufacturer:Bosch