Bosch ProEco Vacuum Cleaner | BGBS2BA1GB
Bosch ProEco Vacuum Cleaner | BGBS2BA1GB
Bosch ProEco Vacuum Cleaner | BGBS2BA1GB
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Bosch ProEco Vacuum Cleaner | BGBS2BA1GB


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Thanks to Bosch motor technology, you can only expect the best from their bagged vacuum cleaners. They effortlessly remove dirt from hard floors and carpets, while high-quality dust bags and filters make them particularly hygienic.

The Bosch Series 2 is our agile all-rounder. Super compact with strong suction power - easy to regulate using the rotary selector.New innovative Hi-Spin motor with aerodynamic motor blades and perfectly calibrated airflow for high dust pick-up with low energy consumption.

This vacuum cleaner is made of 64% recycled plastic, while the packaging is actually 100% recyclable.

Key features

  • Easy Control: optimal performance on every floor with easy power regulation of our Bosch motor
  • Hygienic filter system: clean and filtered exhaust air
  • Large dustbag volume: for fewer dustbag changes and follow-up costs
Brand Name Bosch
Noiselevel (dB) 80dB
Manufacturer BSH Home Appliances Ltd
Number of Powerlevels 3
Product Type Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
Cablelength 7m and automatic cord rewind
Cordless No
Colour Black
Height 23.7cm
Width 29cm
Depth 36.7cm
Weight (Approximate) 3kg
Filter Type Micro
Pet Hair Cleaning No
Dust Capacity 3.5l
Floor Type Carpet
Attachments Crevice nozzle
Upholstery brush
Universal nozzle
Features 10 Year motor guarantee
great cleaning performance on every floor with easily controlled power
made using 64% recycled plastic
Light weight, super-compact and easy to store
Shipping Height 32.5cm
Shipping Width 30.5cm
Shipping Depth 49cm
Package Contents Vacuum Cleaner with 3 attachments